RB Series EMC/EMI Chokes

By Schaffner EMC Inc 294

RB Series EMC/EMI Chokes

Schaffner's RB series of common-mode chokes are used to suppress EMI noise in PCB integrated filter designs with power lines up to 600 VAC or 1000 VDC.

EMI noise is generated by electronic equipment such as switched power electronics or high slew rate controllers and can travel back through power lines disrupting the proper function of electronic devices such as TV sets or radios. The EMI noise can be attenuated by using the RB series with line bypass capacitors or in combination with single phase filters for extra low leakage designs.

  • Cost-effective PCB designs for up to 80 A with forced cooling
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Low magnetic leakage flux
  • Excellent winding insulation
  • Standardized foot print
  • Broad range of inductance ratings
  • AC and DC filtering for midsize power range drives, photovoltaic inverters, fast chargers, charging stations, UPS and switch mode power supplies
  • Filter with low leakage current noise or improved immunity against grid disturbances
  • Electronic devices, automation
  • Converters