SSRK and SSRM Series Solid State Relays

By TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays 160

SSRK and SSRM Series Solid State Relays

TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays’ SSRK and SSRM series solid state relays are featured in industrial applications where silent, fast, and long electrical life in switching is required. These solid state relays are used in heating, lighting, industrial automation, and industrial machinery applications. SSRK and SSRM series relays are mounted on DIN rail for loads up to 65 A and 600 VAC

  • Allows for high heat dissipation with integrated heatsink
  • Save cabinet space with slim 22.5 mm profile with DIN rail mounting
  • Easy installation with finger-safe (IP20) screw clamp terminals for load and control
  • Heating controls
    • Plastic molding machinery
    • HVAC and refrigeration
    • Professional food equipment
  • Industrial automation
  • Industrial machinery