Surface Mount Fuse Clips with Kapton® Tape

By Keystone Electronics 339

Surface Mount Fuse Clips with Kapton® Tape

Keystone’s surface mount fuse clips with Kapton tape across the top surface allow for a more secure part picked-up by vacuum pick-and-place assembly systems. Kapton tape is currently being offered on Keystone's 2 AG, 5 mm, mini auto blades, and standard auto blade SMT fuse clips.

All these Kapton enhanced products are supplied on tape and reel per ANSI/EIA-481 standard.

  • Current rating: 15 Amps (3586KTR: 30 Amps)
  • Fuse entry: vertical
  • Fuse type: cylindrical or automotive
  • Material: 0.016 inch (0.40 mm) brass, tin/tin-nickel plate
  • Mounting: SMT or rivet
  • Style: clip