BDK-GEVK Bluetooth® IoT Development Kit Featu

By ON Semiconductor 157

BDK-GEVK Bluetooth® IoT Development Kit Featu

On Semi's BDK-GEVK Development Kit, featuring the RSL10, is a low powered Bluetooth 5 SoC kit. The kit serves as a baseboard for the Bluetooth IoT Development Kit (B-IDK). Daughter cards or shields compatible with the baseboard can be connected either via the Arduino connectors or the PMOD connectors. Multiple sensor and actuator daughter cards can be connected to the BDK-GEVK board expanding the functionality and enabling the development of multiple IoT designs.

The B-IDK is a configurable node-to-cloud development platform for Bluetooth Low Energy applications. The development software includes a CMSIS pack that includes sample code and detailed documentation. The mobile app allows publishing and subscribing (MQTT) of sensor and actuator data from several popular cloud services.

The BDK-DCDC-GEVB is an adapter board used to power higher power daughter cards or shields attached to B-IDK. The BDK-DCDC-GEVB provides power to higher power shields such as the dual LED ballast, stepper motor driver, and brushless DC motor control.

Download software from Google Play Store

  • Low power Bluetooth 5 radio
    • 62.5 nW deep sleep
    • 7 mW peak receiving
  • Configurable mobile application supporting cloud connectivity
    • Compatible with AWS, Azure, Bluemix, or custom cloud services
  • Ready-to-use sample code
  • Easily connect to other IoT development kit shield boards
    • Complete range of options for sensing (proximity, motion, touch), and control (dual LED, stepper motor, brushless DC)
  • Wearables
  • Medical devices
  • Asset trackers
  • Beacons
  • Smart home devices