Brushless DC Motor Control Boards

By Marutsuelec 187

Brushless DC Motor Control Boards

Marutsuelec's motor driver boards utilizing Toshiba's brushless DC motor drivers / pre-drivers enable users to speed up their development cycles in motor control designs.

Toshiba's brushless DC motor drivers / pre-drivers feature excellent and advanced technologies that improve motor drive performance and achieve reduction of package-size by suppressing internal heat generation.

These brushless motor control products with hall sensors allow accurate pseudo sine current wave control technology to achieve efficiency, low audible noise, and low torque ripple and vibration. The TC78B016FTG features InPAC (intelligent phase control) technology for improving motor drive efficiency further with minimum voltage and current phase differences and eliminating time-consuming phase adjustment characterizations during development. The TC78B002FTG features one phase brushless DC motor control with one Hall sensor to achieve a good cost/performance trade-off. The TB6605 is a flexible brushless motor pre-driver that allows designers to tailor the suitable MOSFETs for their applications.

Experience the excellent motor drive performance enabled by Marutsuelec and Toshiba.

  • Pseudo sine wave current control
  • InPAC (intelligent phase control): TC78B016
  • 3.0 A high current motor drive: TC78B016
  • Low RON resistance (0.24 Ω at typical condition): TC78B016
  • Automatic lead angle control: TB6605
  • 1-phase brushless driver: TC78B002
  • Compact and thermally efficient package: QFN36 and QFN16
  • Built-in logic voltage regulator allows single power supply operation: TC78B016 and TB6605
  • Cooling fans
  • Server fans
  • Gaming machine fans
  • Refrigerator fans
  • Ceiling fans
  • Projector fans
  • Water purifiers (pump units)
  • Air purifiers
  • Dish washers
  • Ventilation fans
  • Washing machines