Dual-Mode Bluetooth® 5.0 Module

By Cypress Semiconductor Corp 125

Dual-Mode Bluetooth® 5.0 Module

Cypress' dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0 module is a fully integrated Bluetooth® BR/EDR and Low Energy (BLE) wireless module. It is based on the CYW20719 dual-mode Bluetooth SoC and is compatible with Cypress' WICED® Studio SDK. This module comes in a small form-factor and is ideal for IoT applications requiring mesh support, long-range connectivity, low-power, and LE 2M PHY.

  • Module size: 11.00 mm x 11.00 mm x 1.70 mm
  • Complies with Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.0 and includes support for BR, EDR 2/3 Mbps, eSCO, BLE, and LE2 Mbps features
  • Certified to FCC, ISED, MIC, and CE standards
  • 1024 KB Flash memory, 512 KB SRAM memory
  • Extended industrial temperature range: -30°C to +85°C
  • Integrated Arm® Cortex®-M4 microprocessor core with floating point unit (FPU)
  • Certified to FCC, CE, MIC, and ISED regulations. Refer to KBA223751 for RF certification test reports
  • Bluetooth SIG 5.0 qualified dual-mode module:
    • QDID: 109314
    • Declaration ID: D039125

Kit and Software

Cypress provides an Arduino-compatible, easy-to-use evaluation board (CYBT-423028-EVAL) for this module. Developers can prototype IoT applications with this module evaluation board using the WICED Studio SDK.

  • CYBT-423028-EVAL EZ-BT Module Arduino Evaluation Board
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