E-Paper Displays

By American Bright 197

E-Paper Displays

American Bright’s paper-like display technology provides high visibility and contrast to displayed images in wide angles while consuming very low power. Each kit includes the transceiver, the communications hardware, and the back-end software that communicates with existing retail systems. The high transmission rate of the 2.4 GHz wireless technology and intelligent task scheduling enables fast and secure updates to price tags. The starter kit includes one 2.9" e-Tag, one 5.65" e-Tag, and one coordinator with complete software support. The gateway controller is Zigbee® or Wi-Fi connected to manage tags. The AB-PDEMOKIT-1 has a range of 30 meters with a capacity of 256 tags.

  • Easy, instant, and consistent to update content
  • Less power consumption, much longer battery life
  • Text or visual content can be easily updated via mobile devices or computers
  • Sunlight readable, great for outdoor reading and noting
  • Reduce wastes, eliminates the need for paper signage
  • No backlight, comfortable to read - less eye fatigue compared to LCDs
  • Kiosks
  • POS
  • Hospitals
  • System integrators
  • Commercial architecture
  • Advertising and marketing