Flexo Silver Plated Copper Tubes

By Techflex 144

Flexo Silver Plated Copper Tubes

TechFlex's Flexo sliver plated copper braid (MBS) is made to conform to AA59569 and ASTM-B298. MBS products are produced with a minimum plating thickness of 40 micro-inches.  This product includes silver-plated copper wire braids supplied in tubular or flat form intended for use as shielding over electrical conductors, controller contacts and grounding bonds. Silver plating, in lieu of tin plating, is necessary when the shielding is to be subjected to temperatures exceeding 150°C or if special corrosion resistance is required.

  • EMI, RFI, and ESD protection
  • Grounding straps
  • Engine dress-up
  • Complies with CID A-A-59569
  • Extreme blowout protection
  • Expands for easy installation
  • Cut and abrasion resistant