Han® M23 Power-Hybrid Connectors


Han® M23 Power-Hybrid Connectors

HARTING’s Han M23 power-hybrid connectors transmit power and signals with high current-carrying capacity of up to 28 A. The robust housing of the HARTING Han M23 power-hybrid provides IP67/IP69K protection in closed position, making it ideal for harsh industrial environments. The current-carrying capacity and up to 630 VAC voltage range allow these connectors to transmit large amounts of power in a small installation space. Han M23 power-hybrid offers a wide range of housings, and the contact inserts are plug-compatible with most other types of M23 round connectors.

Video: HARTING Han® M23 Hybrid Hood - Assembly instruction

  • 3 power contacts + PE, 4 signal contacts, 4 data contacts
  • Termination type: crimp 
  • Material type: polyamide
  • Environmental rating: IP67/69K
  • Electrical data:
    • Signal: 8 A, 300 V, 2.5 kV
    • Power: 28 A, 630 V, 4 kV
    • Data: 2 A, 60 V, 0.5 kV (Cat 5e – 100 MB/s data rate)
  • Robust housing meeting IP67/IP69K protection classes in closed position, suitable for harsh industrial environments
  • Wide range of housings: straight, angled, and rotatable sleeve housings, as well as various bulkhead and coupling housings
  • Contact inserts in series are plug-compatible with most other types of M23 round connectors
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Power contacts with up to 630 VAC voltage and 28 A maximum current carrying capacity
    • Transmits large amounts of power in small installation space
  • Interchangeable combination of inserts, hoods, and housings
  • 3 (power, signal, data)-in-1 circular solution
  • Fewer component and cable part numbers needed
  • Space reduction
  • BOM reduction
  • Increase in number of applications with versatility
  • Cost savings with higher volumes per component
  • Increase end user design freedom
  • Reduces end user’s BOM and increases design freedom
  • Areas with increased demands on vibration safety and protection against dust and water and other external mechanical influences
  • Applications in which effective shielding against electromagnetic interference is required
  • Interlinking systems or machines on a small profile with power, signal, and data needs
  • Drive technology