MAX6079 High-Precision Voltage Reference

By Maxim Integrated 168

MAX6079 High-Precision Voltage Reference

Maxim offers an industry-leading portfolio of shunt and series voltage reference ICs. They were the first to develop a series reference in a 3-pin SC70 and chip-scale packaging. Maxim's hundreds of voltage references include high-accuracy, low-power, low-noise, and automotive-grade products.

Maxim’s MAX6079 offers very low noise and low-drift voltage reference in an 8-pin ceramic package. The MAX6079 consumes 160 µA of supply current and can sink and source up to 10 mA of load current. The voltage reference provides a 1/f noise voltage of only 4.8 µVP-P at an output voltage of 2.5 V with a temperature drift of 6 ppm/°C (max).

Other related parts include LM4040, a precision micropower shunt voltage reference with multiple reverse breakdown voltages; MAX6025, a precision low-power, low-dropout voltage reference; MAX6070 and MAX6126, low-noise, high-precision voltage references; and MAX6350, a 1 ppm/°C, low-noise, +2.5 V/+4.096 V/+5 V voltage reference.

Block Diagram
  • High-accuracy industrial and process control
  • High-resolution ADCs and DACs
  • Precision current sources
  • Precision instrumentation
  • 8-pin ceramic package reduces system board space
  • Stable performance over temperature and time improves system accuracy
  • Filter option lowers high-frequency noise
  • Low 160 µA supply current reduces power consumption
  • Hermetically sealed ceramic package offers stable results vs. time, humidity, and temperature