Micro-Latch Wire-to-Board Connector System

By Molex Inc 107

Micro-Latch Wire-to-Board Connector System

Molex's Micro-Latch connector system provides a reliable connection interface for industry-standard 2.00 mm wire-to-board application. These connectors are available in 2 to 15 circuits, 22 AWG to 30 AWG wire, and with a 2.00 mm pitch. The system includes a female crimp terminal, receptacle housings, and semi-shrouded vertical and right-angle PCB headers.

This system applies a friction lock mechanism where the noses on receptacle housings slide into the header wall openings. This ensures durable mating and protection of the electrical circuitries.

Features and Benefits
  • Uses popular terminals
    • Readily available, wide tooling installation base in the market
  • Straight and right-angle headers
    • Design flexibility
  • Friction lock
    • Good mating retention
  • Polarizing features
    • Ensures mating in a proper orientation