MX64 Sealed Connectors

By Molex Inc 117

MX64 Sealed Connectors

Molex's OEM-approved and USCAR-compliant compact MX64 sealed connectors offer features that provide a secure connection for rugged automotive applications, including a version designed for seamless mating with a variety of LED modules.

Small and compact, the MX64 single row female connectors set the standard for 2.54 mm pitch sealed connectors and are available in a variety of sizes. These connectors allow for the greatest level of flexibility by accommodating three different female terminal systems.

By working with USCAR to optimize the overall size of these connectors, Molex tooled many parts to the USCAR-defined Z02 footprint, resulting in up to a 25% size reduction in the mating interfaces.

Molex's MX64 sealed connectors for LED modules feature TPA with a high-retention force that provides electrical reliability in rugged environments. A wide latch provides an audible click to ensure secure mating, which eliminates the time required to check connection quality and guards against end-product failures. The housings are available in different color and key options, providing polarization, which helps to minimize the mis-mating.

  • Meets all USCAR footprints and testing requirements for 0.64 mm square-pin connector systems
    • Compliance with OEM directives
  • Four polarization options available in four different colors
    • Prevents mis-mating
  • Accommodates 18 AWG to 22 AWG wires and ISO metric wires
    • Supports US and offshore wire requirements
  • LED module: terminal retention force of 100 N
    • Offers secure terminal retention and superior reliability
  • LED module: wide latch for clear audible click
    • Facilitates secure mating
  • LED module: polarization options in three colors
    • Eliminates mating and assembly errors
    • Color-coded to correspond to polarity
  • Available with or without CPA
    • Adds locking protection when CPA is used
  • IP67-rated matte seals
    • Eliminates secondary operations and costs needed for cable seals
  • Integrates with automotive OEM-approved terminal systems
    • For maximum design freedom
  • LED module: matte seal
    • Eliminates the need for individual wire seal, improving production time and ruggedness
  • LED module: terminal position assurance (TPA)
    • Locks terminals in place and prevents terminal backouts for secure connections