BRAD® mPm® DIN Valve Connectors

By Molex Inc 148

BRAD® mPm® DIN Valve Connectors

Molex's external-thread DIN valve connectors, with unsurpassed IP67 sealing properties and superior cable retention, increase performance, simplify manufacturing processes, reduce inventory, and lower applied costs for hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromagnetic devices as well as sensors.

The Brad mPm range of DIN connectors is used extensively to provide electrical connection in a wide range of applications. The most common application for mPm DIN connectors is in conjunction with pneumatic, hydraulic, or electromagnetic devices, including solenoid valves. Other applications include pressure transducers, proximity switches, level sensors, limit switches, and low energy motors.

Molex manufactures an extensive and comprehensive range of internal- and external-thread connectors conforming to industry standard EN 175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650). Standard options include LED illuminated devices as well as VDR, diodes, or transil diodes (with or without illuminated device) to offer protection against overvoltage peaks. Brad DIN mPm connectors offer protection from dust and water when correctly installed with screw and gasket which are supplied together with the connector.

Molex's field-attachable, external-nut design is mechanically superior to traditional internal-nut DIN valve connectors, achieving greater cable retention and improved sealing to IP67. Standard internal thread DIN valve connectors are IP65 rated and available with different thread style, gaskets, and circuitry options.

  • Commercial vehicle
    • Construction vehicles
    • Farm machinery
    • Forklift trucks
    • Garbage trucks
    • Mining machinery
    • On-vehicle crane and lifting equipment
  • Industrial automation
    • Complex machine builders
    • Hydraulic valves
    • Pneumatic valves
    • Pressure switches
    • Robotic systems
    • Solenoid valves
    • Transducers