CSRL Series Current Sensors

By Riedon 139

CSRL Series Current Sensors

Riedon expands its precision current shunt devices to include a line of surface-mount metal element devices with power ratings up to 3 W. The CSRL features industry standard sizes of 1206 (1 W) and 2512 (3 W) with a low TCR of 50 ppm available. The product line features an expanded resistance range up to 200 mΩ providing greater versatility compared to similar products. Advanced manufacturing techniques have allowed for aggressive pricing while retaining superior performance.

  • Package sizes: 1206 (1 W) or 2512 (3 W)
  • Extremely stable metal element
  • Broad resistance range
  • Low TCR: ±50 ppm/°K
  • Tolerances up to 0.5%
  • Motor drives
  • Power conversion
  • HVAC systems
  • Battery chargers
  • Battery monitoring