G3VM Ultra-Small VSON MOSFET Relays

By Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div 169

G3VM Ultra-Small VSON MOSFET Relays

Omron presents MOSFET relays with a wider range of characteristics which provide an array of solutions, meeting the needs of today’s high performance applications.

Omron's expanded range of MOSFET relays, type G3VM, sets the benchmark in Solid State Relays (SSRs). Products are manufactured using the latest advances in automated production and include a variety of improved construction technologies within the areas of the input LED, PDA (Photo Diode Array used as a photocoupler), and MOSFET chips used in the load switching circuit. As a result, further reductions in package size and power requirements have been achieved.

Combining the advantages of mechanical and solid state technology, the G3VM range gives unprecedented capability to design. All models featured include a double MOSFET load circuit, enabling the designer complete versatility since it makes no difference whether an AC or DC load in either direction is connected (Connection A). Thus, the MOSFET relay is a fully functional alternative to an electromechanical relay with minimal additional drive circuitry.