Ganymede MEMS Speakers

By USound GmbH 165

Ganymede MEMS Speakers

USound GmbH's Ganymede Achelous and Adap MEMS speakers with their compact size of 4.7 mm x 6.7 mm x 1.6 mm are ideal for in-ear headphone designs and wearables such as true-wireless headsets. The perfect addition to traditional speakers, they can be easily retrofitted into standard enclosures to improve treble or implement 3D audio systems.

Achelous is a MEMS speaker designed for occluded-ear headphones. It can also be used as a micro-tweeter for wearables and array applications. This speaker provides higher excursion and more damping ideal for in-ear designs. In free-field, the resonance is lower than Adap, which allows a lower crossover frequency.

Adap is a MEMS-based micro-speaker for occluded-ear headphones and can also be used as micro-tweeter for wearables and array applications. It is optimized as a tweeter with high SPL above resonance. The Adap has a higher resonance frequency.

  • Small form factor
  • High flexibility for acoustic system integration
  • Low heat generation
  • No magnetic field
  • High input impedance suitable for thin wires or PCB traces
  • Efficient MEMS actuator
    • High force and displacement
    • High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
    • Low power consumption compared to conventional speaker systems
    • Creates a clear and crisp sound for a vivid audio experience
  • High integratability
    • Easy integration with MEMS microphones
    • Capable of operating as a piezo microphone
    • The compact size enables array/matrix configurations and audio functionalities, such as ultrasonic applications and beam-forming
  • Noise cancellation
    • Ideal speaker technology for active noise cancellation applications
    • Perfect for 3D audio applications for augmented and virtual reality


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