High-Temperature MEMS Oscillators

By SiTime 87

High-Temperature MEMS Oscillators

High-temperature oscillators from SiTime Corporation are field-programmable and offered in a wide range of frequencies. Both industrial and automotive temperatures are available, along with options for package types as small as 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm. The footprint compatibility to quartz allows for simple interchangeability. These devices also feature vibration sensitivity as well as shock and vibration resistance. SOT-23 devices are also available for board-level solder joint reliability and low-cost, optical-only board-level inspection.

Industrial equipment is exposed to vibration, shock, and high temperatures. This is a challenging environment for quartz timing devices, but it is an ideal environment for SiTime's MEMS timing solutions because they are designed to perform better and longer than alternatives. SiTime's MEMS oscillator consists of a MEMS resonator and a programmable analog circuit. The kHz MEMS oscillator is built with SiTime’s unique MEMS First™ process. A key manufacturing step is EpiSeal™, during which the MEMS resonator is annealed with temperatures over +1,000°C. EpiSeal creates an extremely strong and clean vacuum chamber that encapsulates the MEMS resonator, ensuring high performance and high reliability in harsh environments.

  • Configurable feature sets
  • Low g-sensitivity
  • 70 g vibration and 50,000 g shock
  • FlexEdge™ drive strength
  • Multiple package options
  • Low power consumption
  • Short lead times
  • Engine Y transmission ECUs
  • XTAL replacement
  • ADAS computers
  • Automotive cameras
  • Infotainment
  • Precision GNSS
  • GPS/GNSS modules
  • Power and energy
  • Oil exploration drilling
  • Power amplifiers
  • Industrial motors
  • Pressure meters
  • Aerospace equipment
  • Geothermal energy equipment
  • Radar