Minitek® 2.00 mm Pitch Connectors

By Amphenol ICC 164

Minitek® 2.00 mm Pitch Connectors

Amphenol ICC's Minitek series of board-to-board and wire/cable-to-board connectors in 2.00 mm pitch are fully modular system enabling all types of connections between PCBs, wires, and flat cables. Its 2.00 mm spacing allows up to 38% space saving compared to traditional modular systems. It is available in vertical and horizontal configurations in both single and double row with 2- to 25-positions per row. With a very low coplanarity at 0.1 mm, these connectors facilitate automatic placement. The modular system ensures an interchangeable solution for flexible design.

  • Minitek 2.00 mm Receptacle
  • Minitek 2.00 mm SMT Horizontal Headers
  • Minitek Active Latch Housing
  • Minitek Active Latch Housing for Wire-to-Board
  • Minitek Eject Latch Header for Cable-to-Board
  • Minitek Headers for Pin-in-Paste Processes
  • Minitek Shrouded Stacking Header
  • Minitek Unshrouded Vertical Headers
  • Minitek Solder-to-Board Applications
  • Minitek Product Presentation
  • Minitek Product Specification
  • Minitek 2.0 mm Connector Overview PTM
Features and Benefits
  • 2.00 mm pitch solution
  • Modular system
  • Lowest profile eject latch header
  • Lowest coplanarity at 0.10 mm
  • Standoff design
  • 0.50 mm square drawn wire pin
  • High raw material temperature range
  • Ensures interchangeable solution for flexible design
  • 38% less board space compared with 2.54 mm
  • Meets specific design requirements
  • Facilitates automatic placement
  • Ease of cleaning the PCB
  • Provides four smooth mating surfaces
  • Withstands reflow soldering process