PIC®-IoT WG Development Board

By Microchip Technology 125

PIC®-IoT WG Development Board

Microchip Technology's internet of things (IoT) rapid development board AC164164 for Google Cloud IoT Core combines a low-power PIC® microcontroller (MCU), a CryptoAuthentication™ secure element IC, and a fully certified Wi-Fi network controller. This development platform provides a simple way to connect and secure PIC MCU-based applications, removing the added time, cost, and security vulnerabilities that come with large software frameworks and real-time operating systems (RTOS). Once connected, Google Cloud IoT Core provides powerful data and analytics to help designers make better, smarter products. The PIC-IoT WG development board provides Google Cloud IoT customers another option to accelerate the development of cloud-connected applications without compromising on security. Combined with Google Cloud Platform’s network infrastructure and Google’s IoT services, the simplicity of the board makes powerful analytics tools and unique machine learning capabilities accessible to anyone.

The AC164164 PIC-IoT WG development board is supported by the MPLAB® X integrated development environment (IDE) and MCC rapid prototyping tool. The board is compatible with more than 450 MikroElektronika Click boards™ that expand sensors and actuator options. Developers who purchase the kit will have access to an online portal for immediate visualization of their sensors’ data being published. Supported by complete board schematics and demo code, the PIC-IoT WG development board helps get customers to market quickly with differentiated IoT end products.

Hardware Features

  • Easy development
    • No need to become a networking or security guru
    • No security compromises
    • Modular approach reduces complexity
    • MCC support for rapid development
  • Effortless migration to the Cloud for:
    • Embedded sensors
    • Actuators or mechatronic applications
    • Huge base of existing PIC MCU applications
IoT Applications
  • Smart home
    • Intelligent lighting
    • Smart appliances
    • Anti-theft systems
    • Climate control
    • Surveillance
    • Energy saving
    • Access control
    • Sprinkler systems
  • Smart cities
    • Air quality
    • Traffic forecasts
    • Transportation
  • Health
    • Blood pressure
    • Sport activities
  • Industry 4.0 process control sensors
    • Level, pressure, temperature, and flow