Qmini AFBR-S20M2xx Spectrometer

By Broadcom Limited 131

Qmini AFBR-S20M2xx Spectrometer

Broadcom’s Qmini miniature spectrometer delivers technical specifications that are unprecedented at this size for mobile and industrial analyzing systems. This spectrometer is optimized for industrial integration. The rugged design with no moving parts ensures reliable operations in rough environments where space is limited.

  • Miniature size
  • Six wavelengths: configurations between 190 nm and 1100 nm
  • High resolution (starting at 0.3 nm)
  • Sophisticated onboard processing and evaluation
  • High thermal stability < 0.013 nm / K
  • Full system calibration
  • Application software and SDK included
  • Various digital interfaces (USB, SPI, UART)
  • Industry
    • Process control
    • Manufacturing processes
  • Health care and life science
    • Blood analysis
    • Pharmaceutical inspection
  • Security and safety
    • Drug detection
    • Bio/chemical analysis
  • Consumer and food
    • Food analysis and testing
  • Environment
    • Water quality
    • Agriculture and forestry