SMA Quick-Connect Coaxial Adapter

By Amphenol RF Division 128

SMA Quick-Connect Coaxial Adapter

Amphenol RF’s SMA quick-connect adapter is a precision-machined 50 ohm straight jack to straight plug configuration which offers excellent electrical performance through 18 GHz. This adapter dramatically reduces the time necessary for mating and un-mating by eliminating the need to fully thread onto the interface but maintains the same high-quality coupling that users expect from a threaded interface. The unique push-turn thread on, pull-off style of coupling does not require any tooling. The SMA quick-connect adapter easily converts any standard SMA plug test cable into a quick-connect cable without compromising the electrical integrity of the assembly and is compatible with all threaded SMA jack and plug connectors. Utilizing this quick-connect adapter with SMA plug test cables will reduce the time and effort involved in the testing process and extend the life of the test cables.

  • Increases efficiency by reducing time and effort
  • No tooling required for mating/un-mating
  • Compatible with all threaded SMA connectors
  • Converts any standard SMA plug test cable into a quick-connect cable
  • Test equipment
  • PCB test boards
  • Microwave subsystems
  • Base stations
  • Mobile radios