STEVAL-MKIT01V1 MEMS Sensor Sample Kit

By STMicroelectronics 134

STEVAL-MKIT01V1 MEMS Sensor Sample Kit

STMicroelectronics' STEVAL-MKIT01V1 MEMS sensor sample kit includes a variety of MEMS sensor adapter boards and their corresponding software applications. Included in the kit are the LSM6DSL inertial module (STEVAL-MKI178V2), LIS2DW12 accelerometer (STEVAL-MKI179V1), LIS2MDL magnetometer (STEVAL-MKI181V1), and LPS22HB pressure sensor (STEVAL-MET001V1).

The included MEMS sensor adapter boards can be evaluated in stand-alone mode simply by connecting an I2C cable.

For a more in-depth evaluation, users can also order a motherboard based on the STM32F401VET6 microcontroller which functions as a bridge between the sensor adapter boards and a PC running STMicro's graphical user interface (GUI) or X-NUCLEO system board that is the standard ST evaluation tool.

Included MEMS Sensor Adapter Boards
  • STEVAL-MKI178V2: LSM6DSL iNEMO inertial module with 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscopes
  • STEVAL-MKI179V1: LIS2DW12 high-performance, ultra-low-power, 3-axis femto accelerometer
  • STEVAL-MKI181V1: LIS2MDL digital output magnetic sensor with an ultra-low-power, high-performance, 3-axis magnetometer
  • STEVAL-MET001V1: LPS22HB MEMS nano pressure sensor with a 260 hPa to 1260 hPa absolute digital output barometer
Included Software
  • STSW-MEMS034: Unico Lite-source code
  • STSW-MKI109L: MEMS evaluation kit software package for Linux
  • STSW-MKI109M: MEMS evaluation kit software package for Mac OSX
  • STSW-MKI109W: MEMS evaluation kit software package for Windows