Advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras

By FLIR 77

Advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR's Exx-Series advanced thermal imaging cameras offer the superior resolution and range performance needed to quickly identify hot spots and discover potential points of failure in electrical distribution and mechanical systems. With up to 161,472 pixels resolution and a more vibrant LCD screen than any other pistol-grip camera, the Exx-Series makes it easier than ever to diagnose problems, even at a distance. Avoid costly shutdowns and lost production time through regular predictive maintenance routines with these rugged, intuitive cameras.

Electrical and Mechanical

  • Improve plant reliability: FLIR's Exx-Series thermal imaging cameras offer superior resolution, precise laser-assisted autofocusing, and the option of interchangeable lenses so users can target any component, survey from top to bottom, and avoid costly shutdowns.
  • Improve plant safety: FLIR's Exx-Series cameras detect minute temperature differences so users can identify failing components before they lead to fires or explosions. The series is designed with convenient buttons for easy, one-handed operation allowing users to work safely while keeping others safe.


  • Find hidden deficiencies: FLIR's Exx-Series thermal imaging cameras offer the superior sensitivity and performance users need to detect subtle temperature differences and the wide field of view to target broad areas so users can locate problems and fix them fast.
  • Document problems quickly: Report critical issues immediately with images and data uploaded from the Exx via the built-in Wi-Fi. Other reporting features, such as voice annotation, customizable work folders, and Bluetooth connection to FLIR's clamp and multimeters, make the Exx a valuable tool for finding, documenting, and fixing problems.
  • High-resolution, up to 464 x 348, infrared detectors for crisp, detailed images
  • Wide temperature ranges with optional calibrations up to 1500°C (2732°F)
  • Detects temperature differences down to 0.03°C for early identification of air leaks, moisture, and failing components
  • MSX® image enhancement adds depth and detail to the image
  • The true 42° field of view (FOV) standard lens allows for surveys of wide areas with a single lens
  • Measure the area (m2 or ft2) of moisture intrusion with on-screen data from the laser-assisted autofocus
  • Superior spot-size performance for accurate temperature measurements on smaller, more distant targets
  • Built-in voice annotation and customizable work folders make finding and documenting problems easier and more efficient
  • Connect over Wi-Fi to the FLIR tools mobile app for faster reporting and sharing of images
  • Append images with FLIR moisture meter data via the METERLiNK® connection or connect to FLIR clamps and multimeters
  • Streamlined reporting features through FLIR tools simplify insurance claims and inspection paperwork
  • Comfort-designed handle and convenient buttons enable safe, one-handed operation
  • Rugged, water-tight chassis and scratch-resistant Dragontrail™ cover glass
  • Interchangeable lenses offer complete coverage of near and far targets
  • Lenses auto-calibrate with camera for the most precise temperature readings
  • Backed by FLIR’s industry-leading 2-5-10 warranty
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Building inspections
  • Facilities maintenance
  • HVAC