CPC7524 Quad-Channel High-Voltage Isolated Analog

By IXYS Integrated Circuits Division 96

CPC7524 Quad-Channel High-Voltage Isolated Analog

The CPC7524 quad high-voltage (HV) isolated analog switch array from IXYS builds upon high-voltage design and fabrication of IXYS ICD expertise for offline and telecom applications. This monolithic solid-state device provides the switching functionality of four normally open (1 Form A) relays in one small package.

Designed to provide flexible single-ended or differential access to high-voltage networks, the CPC7524 high-voltage array is configured as two sets of matched paired switches for improved differential performance. Additionally, sensitive differential applications will benefit from the matched pairs’ excellent pair-to-pair isolation. The self-biasing switches do not require external high-voltage supplies for proper operation. It provides enhanced protection for devices connected to high-voltage networks up to 600 V.