Diodes Housed in a PSMC Package

By STMicroelectronics 161

Diodes Housed in a PSMC Package

STMicroelectronics' rectifier series housed in PSMC package (TO-277A) are developed to minimize PCB footprints while bringing thermal efficiency. Rated from 30 V to 200 V, with a current rating from 5 A to 12 A, this series allows greater compactness of equipment, with increased power density and efficiency, in a broad range of applications like car modules, industrial equipment, telecom power, and personal electronics. This range of rectifiers offers the opportunity to design devices with higher thermal performance in a compact volume with a cost-effectiveness target.

Features and Benefits
  • Low profile design height of 1.1 mm typ. in a compact application design
  • Exposed pad offers higher system robustness
  • Improved thermal conductivity in heat sink reduction
  • Improved cost structure for cost savings
  • Range of fifteen devices including automotive grade for a wide range of applications
  • Wettable flanks for automatic visual inspection allowed during industrialization
  • ECOPACK2 components are eco-friendly
  • Notebook adapters
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Battery chargers with small form factor
  • Telecom power
  • Servers
  • Automotive electronic control units
  • Lighting circuits
  • Injection units