Expanded Memory dsPIC® Digital Signal Control

By Microchip Technology 107

Expanded Memory dsPIC® Digital Signal Control

Microchip's dsPIC33CH512MP508 (MP5) DSC devices extend the dsPIC33CH family with increased Flash memory from 128 KB to 512 KB and triple the program RAM from 24 KB to 72 KB. This enables support for larger applications with multiple software stacks or larger program memory including automotive and wireless charging applications. More memory is needed to accommodate AUTOSAR software, MCAL drivers, and CAN FD peripherals in automotive applications. Implementing wireless charging in automotive applications requires additional software stacks for the Qi protocol and near-field communication (NFC), driving the need for even more program memory. Using live update capability for real-time firmware updates is essential for high-availability systems but also doubles the overall memory requirement.

The dsPIC33CK64MP105 (MP1) family extends the dsPIC33CK family with a cost-optimized version for smaller memory and footprint applications, offering up to 64 KB Flash memory and 28- to 48-pin packages as small as 4 mm x 4 mm. This compact device offers the ideal feature combination for automotive sensors, motor controls, high-density DC/DC applications, and stand-alone Qi transmitters. Both single- and dual-core dsPIC33C devices enable fast deterministic performance for time-critical control applications, providing expanded context selected registers to reduce interrupt latency and faster instruction execution of math-intensive algorithms. The dsPIC33C devices include a fully-featured set of functional safety hardware to ease ASIL-B and ASIL-C certifications in safety-critical applications. Functional safety features include multiple redundant clock sources, a fail-safe clock monitor (FSCM), IO ports read-back, Flash error correction code (ECC), RAM built-in self-test (BIST), write protection, analog peripheral redundancies, and more. The rich feature set available for the MP5 and MP1 DSCs makes them ideal for AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, robotics, IoT gateways, central processors, automotive, and home appliance applications.

  • Precision control of multiple sensorless, brushless motors, running field-oriented control algorithms, and power factor correction
  • Allows implementation of highly adaptive algorithms for digital power conversion applications
  • Enables sophisticated real-time filtering to improve sensor responsiveness
  • Maximum peripheral integration in small packages for lower BOM cost and a compact design form-factor
  • Digital power:
    • Industrial: AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies
    • Automotive: converters, chargers, and inverters
    • Consumer: wireless power
  • Motor controls:
    • Automotive: pumps and fans
    • Industrial: drones and robotics
    • Consumer: appliances and toys
  • High-performance embedded:
    • Automotive: electronic sensors
    • Industrial: automation and controls
    • Medical: diagnostic equipment and monitors
    • IoT: gateways and central processors
  • Robust usages:
    • Automotive, industrial, home appliances, and medical