PureThermal Boards

By GroupGets 139

PureThermal Boards

GroupGets' PureThermal 2 Smart I/O module and PureThermal Mini Smart I/O module with thermal by FLIR are hackable thermal USB webcams for the FLIR Lepton thermal imaging camera core. Both modules ship preconfigured to operate as plug-and-play UVC 1.0 USB thermal webcams that will work with standard webcam and video apps on all major computing platforms such as macOS, Linux, Windows, and some Android handsets.

For developers, their reference firmware, viewer software, and hardware schematic are all open source. A FLIR Lepton 2.x to 3.x core is required for operation of PureThermal 2 (PT2) and PureThermal Mini (PTMini) but is not included by default with purchase.