AK310x Current Sensors

By AKM Semiconductor Inc 167

AK310x Current Sensors

AKM has developed ultra-low noise coreless current sensors for improving the audio quality of large-sized speakers such as subwoofers. The AK310x series is suitable for a system which controls voice-coil motion in speakers (motional feedback) by current feedback. AK3101 adopts an ultra-small coreless package which is compliant with safety standards, suitable for applications such as motor control for industrial equipment. Since AK3101 has ultra-low noise, it can detect the current by high resolution, which contributes to high-precision torque control of the motor.

  • Small primary conductor resistance: 1.6 mΩ
  • Isolation voltage: 3.0 kVRMS (AC 50/60 Hz, 60s)
  • Ratiometric output
  • Small surface-mount package: 7.9 mm x 7.6 mm x 1.15 mm
  • Speaker current detection (motional feedback)
  • Motor drivers
  • General-purpose inverters
  • UPS
  • Power conditioners