CPAP Flow Sensor

By IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc 101

CPAP Flow Sensor

Renesas' Synergy S7 series microcontrollers (MCUs) combined with IDT's FS2012 flow sensors control the speed of motors for enhanced flow accuracy. The CPAP flow sensor provides closed-loop feedback with an air flow sensor to determine motor failure and includes a built-in LCD controller for expanded system features. The combination is ideal for CPAP and high-speed fluid flow control systems. Power and timing devices are available to complete the solution.

Personal Medical Devices

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Block Diagram

  • Up to 640 KB SRAM
  • High-speed acceleration and deceleration
  • MEMS solid-state gas flow sensor
  • Cloud connectivity via GPRS/3G
  • LCD driver