Griplet®: Miniature IDC Connector for Wire-to

By Amphenol ICC 140

Griplet®: Miniature IDC Connector for Wire-to

Amphenol ICC's Griplet has a low-profile and compact design that makes it an ideal connector where space is tight and ease of installation is important. Each connector has a height of 3.7 mm and a footprint of 4.0 mm x 6.1 mm. It is designed for a stackable pitch with common housings available to secure and protect terminated components. Griplet offers a flexible solution with one part number accommodating a range of wire sizes from 20 AWG to 26 AWG. Dual-connection points with strain relief ensure stable operation through extreme temperature, shock, and vibration stresses.

  • Low-profile/compact
  • Dual-connection points/strain relief
  • Accommodates multiple wire size
  • Smart meters
  • LED lighting


  • Griplet Datasheet
  • Griplet Product Presentation