Lithium Polymer Batteries

By Jauch Quartz 165

Lithium Polymer Batteries

Jauch lithium polymer batteries offer several advantages: lithium polymer cells have higher energy density relative to their total weight than lithium-ion cells, use aluminum-laminated films as their housing, resulting in a lighter and thinner battery, and are highly flexible in cell size and shape. Many smartphones and GPS devices use lithium polymer batteries. The space for the installation of the power supply is usually limited and is often already clear long before the battery assembler or distributor needs to be contacted. Jauch's wide range of lithium polymer batteries allows the customer to select the battery that best suits their application, even at a later stage in the project.

  • Transport safety certification: UN38.3
  • Output currents: 35 mAh to 6000 mAh
  • Protection: built-in PCM
  • Cell certification: UL1642
  • IoT
  • Metering
  • Industrial
  • Medical devices
  • Wearables, portables