QSFP-DD Interconnect System

By Molex Inc 116

QSFP-DD Interconnect System

Telecommunication and data center customers have increasing bandwidth requirements and require high-density interconnects. Molex’s QSFP-DD interconnect system enables face-plate density equal to the current 2x1 QSFP form factor but with 8-lane ports. In other words, a total of 256 differential pairs with 32-ports deliver double-lane density within the same form factor.

Customers can upgrade their box before upgrading the cables and the infrastructure will not be idle while waiting for the cables to be built. QSFP-DD interconnect system supports legacy cables as well as upgraded plugs. These interconnects comply with multichannel signal analyzer (MSA) definitions:

  • QSFP-DD module form factor
  • 2-by-1 cage and connector form factor
  • 1-by-1 cage and SMT connector form factor
  • Pinout and management interface

Video: Molex – DesignCon 2018 – QSFP-DD High-Speed I/O Cable Assemblies

  • Telecommunications/networking
    • Cellular infrastructure
    • Central offices
    • Multi-platform service systems
    • Routers
    • Servers
    • Switches
  • Data center solutions
    • Servers
    • Storage