Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) – DIN Rail Mounted

By Littelfuse Inc 31

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) – DIN Rail Mounted

Littelfuse's SPD2 series of SPDs are designed for equipment protection from transient overvoltage events. SPDs look to limit the overvoltage surges that can occur in sub-distribution boards where sensitive equipment are stored. These devices are offered in multiple pole versions for all types of distribution systems.

  • UL and VDE-IEC compliance in a single part number
  • Interlocking tab secures module to withstand vibration
  • Thermal protection incorporated to eliminate catastrophic failures
  • IP 20 finger-safe protection rating
  • Spark gap (GDT) and varistor technology options
    • Only available on the 1P1 and 3P1 models
  • Visual life indicator (green/no green)
  • 35 mm DIN rail, EN60715 compliant
  • SPD2 surge protection device flyer 
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