XDPL8218 Voltage Flyback IC

By Infineon Technologies 190

XDPL8218 Voltage Flyback IC

Infineon's XDPL8218 is a digital, highly integrated AC/DC controller that combines a constant voltage quasi-resonant (QR) flyback controller with algorithms for high power factor and low THD. Digital parameter configuration via a user interface allows users to easily configure features, protections, and compliance settings. Adjusting the settings via graphical user interface (GUI) allows for quick optimization, lessens PCB revisions, and allows for end of line last minute changes to address logistical needs. The controller offers multi-mode operation with quasi-resonant operation, discontinuous conduction mode at medium power, and active burst mode at low power ensure efficiency over full output power range. The XDPL8218 manages wide load ranges and reacts quickly and stably to dynamic load changes. The main application fields for this device are dual stage designs with a DC-DC stage at the secondary side and the XDPL8218 as the primary side.

Product Performance Features
  • With dozens of configurable parameters that are easily adjusted with the XDPL8218 GUI, users can design more efficient, reliable, and differentiated designs
  • Stable operation over a wide power range from 100% - 1% of nominal operating classification
  • Auxiliary power supply
  • Excellent power quality over wide load range
Robustness and Compliant Features
  • User-defined parameters determine brown-out and brown-in reaction
  • Embedded digital filters reduce noise
  • Programmable blanking times for signal measurements
Fast Design Cycle Features
  • Digital parameter configuration allows real-time design changes with a few mouse-clicks
  • Easy-to-use development tools are available
Supply Chain Efficiency Features
  • XDPL8218 enables customizable LED driver and simplifies the generation of different variants without increasing the # of SKUs
  • One device used for multiple board variants