Anti-Vandal Switches 16 mm

By C&K 95

Anti-Vandal Switches 16 mm

C&K launches its ATP16 anti-vandal sealed pushbutton switch. Complementing the other switches in the ATP range (such as the ATP19 and ATP22), this variant is rated to 36 VDC with an operating life of 200,000 cycles at full load.

With impact protection of Al alloy and stainless-steel bushing, the ATP16 is designed to tackle a high risk of physical abuse and even attempts to damage it with metal tools. Its ability to withstand potential malicious damage makes it ideal for applications such as access controls, intercom push to talk devices, service station equipment, and ticketing or automatic vending machines, among others.

Besides being vandal proof, the ATP16 switch shares many of the characteristics of the other vandal-resistant switches in the range, including being lightweight, IP67-rated, and corrosion resistant. As the devices integrating this switch are often outdoors, the switch has been designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

The ATP16 is available in momentary or lock versions. It comes with an LED illuminated indicator in a variety of color options, as well as different choices of actuator with ring or power logo.

  • Momentary or lock version
  • IP67 sealed
  • Rated at 2 A / 36 VDC
  • 1,000,000 life cycle
  • Various colors of LED illuminate indicator
  • Choices of actuator with ring or power logo
  • Alarm, safety, and security systems
  • Intercom push-to-talk devices
  • Automatic food and drink vending machines
  • Parking lot ticket machines and ticket paying stations
  • Industrial instruments