High-Power, Flat Glass Speaker Driver

By BDNC (Holding) Limited 123

High-Power, Flat Glass Speaker Driver

BDNC’s STAPEZ™ brand FP-SPK-M high-power, flat glass speaker driver is designed to work with extremely thin (≥20 mm) and small (250 cc ≤ V ≤ 1,500 cc) passive radiator or sealed box speakers, according to the miniMAX™ principles.

  • Extra thin and long: 18 mm x 160 mm x 40 mm
  • Schott AS87 glass, viscoelastic damping layer, and aluminum alloy foil composite flat diaphragm in total thickness of 0.3 mm and mass of 3.38 g (patent-pending diaphragm structures)
  • Enables audio systems with deep bass down to 20 mm thickness
  • Extreme peak-to-peak excursion of 8 mm
  • Large effective radiating area (Sd=4,865 mm²) to overall area (76%)
  • Very high force motor:
    • 2.84 kgF continuous
    • 6.44 kgF transient
  • High power handling:
    • 35 W continuous
    • 180 W transient
  • High Mms for low Fo both in free air and in box, plus high BL (BL=4.34) for maintaining the demanded sensitivity
  • Programmable directivity:
    • Vertical: disperse
    • Horizontal: beam
  • Less than 5.8 g of neodymium (Nd) rare earth metal used
  • High excursion-to-thickness index (E2T)
  • DIYers, makers, and robotics
  • Portable Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi speakers [battery-operated (b/o)]
  • Computer monitors with high audio performance [line/system-powered (l/p)]
  • Installations and public-addressing [standalone (s/a)]
  • Flat-panel/curved-panel TVs (l/p, in a pair, or in an array)
  • Performance laptops and next-generation tablets (b/o)
  • Car audio after-market or pre-installed (b/o, l/p, s/a)
  • Motorcycles, bikes, e-bikes, and personal transporters (b/o, l/p)
  • Smart furniture and home automation (l/p)
  • Guitars, digital pianos, synthesizers, and other novel music instruments (b/o, l/p)
  • Studio monitors, instrument amplification, concerts and shows (l/p)
  • Artistic home audio and Hi-Fi (s/a in an array)