LCM300 Series AC/DC Power Supplies

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies/Norvell Electronics 86

LCM300 Series AC/DC Power Supplies

Artesyn Embedded Technologies' LCM300 series of enclosed front-end AC/DC power supplies comprises five single output models, providing standard voltages of 12 V, 15 V, 23 V, 36 V, or 48 V, plus a 5 V standby output. Each model accepts a universal input of 90 VAC to 264 VAC, carries medical safety approvals, and has a typical full load efficiency of 91%. These PMBus™-compliant digitally controlled power supplies offer a high level of modification flexibility for application-specific functions such as special battery charging and management, peak load handling, voltage control, and fan speed profiles. Housed in a compact 4" x 7" enclosure that is less than 1U high, LCM300 power supplies incorporate built-in smart fans for cooling and can deliver up to 310 W of output power. The 24 V and 36 V models can deliver up to 350 W at operating temperatures up to +45°C.

The LCM300 series provide for a very wide range of AC/DC embedded power requirement. Featuring high build quality with robust screw terminals, long life, and typical full-load efficiency of greater than 91%, these units are ideal for use in industrial and medical applications. They are backed by a comprehensive set of industrial and medical safety approvals and certificates.

A sophisticated digital control loop optimizes efficiency across a wide load range. The efficiency of the LCM300 series is greater than 91% at full load (230 VAC nominal input) and is at least 80% at all loads higher than 25%. Power factor correction is implemented internally, offering a typical power factor of 0.98 (LCM300 series).

Variable-speed smart speed fans draw on software controls developed by Artesyn to match fan speed to the unit's cooling requirement and load current. Slowing the fan not only saves power but also reduces wear, thus extending its life.

The MTBF of the LCM300 series is greater than 500,000 hours, and the units carry a manufacturer's warranty of three years.

  • 310 W output power (350 W at +45°C for 24 V and 36 V models)
  • Low cost
  • 1.61" x 4.0" x 7.0"
  • 7.1 W per cubic inch
  • Industrial/medical safety
  • -40°C to +70°C with derating
  • Optional 5 V at 2 A housekeeping
  • High efficiency: 91% @ 230 VAC
  • Variable speed smart fans
  • DSP controlled
  • PMBus compliant
  • Conformal coat option
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Margin programming
  • OR-ing FET


  • Industrial systems, such as horticultural lighting and medical equipment