SIL 3 Rated QUINT 20+ Power Supply

By Phoenix Contact 148

SIL 3 Rated QUINT 20+ Power Supply

External redundancy modules are now a SIL 3 requirement of the past. Phoenix Contact's QUINT POWER offers a single device solution approved for functional safety applications up to SIL 3. The strict safety requirements of SIL 3 are associated with a low probability that a system will fail to perform properly. The fully loaded QUINT 20+ power supply is designed with an integrated decoupling MOSFET to meet rigorous SIL 3 safety regulations without the need of any external components.

The QUINT 20+ power supply introduces a single, conformally coated device solution with ATEX, IEC 61508, and IEC 61511 approvals, allowing the power supply to be mounted within potentially explosive areas (Zone 2). The safety function limits the output voltage to 30 VDC. If the voltage rises above 30 VDC, the device will switch off within 20 milliseconds (ms), creating a safe state of no output voltage. Designed with an integrated decoupling MOSFET the QUINT 20+ has a hardware fault tolerance (HFT) of 1.

  • Conformal coated and ATEX/IECEx/Class I, Div. 2 approval
  • SIL 3 certification in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511
  • Easy system expansion with static and dynamic power boosts
  • Configurable signal monitoring using
  • Real-time monitoring capabilities using the analog contact
  • Wide temperature range: -40°C to +75°C
  • Hardware fault tolerance =1
  • Integrated decoupling MOSFET
  • Selective fuse breaking (SFB) technology