0.20 mm FPC Easy-Off Connectors

By Molex Inc 146

0.20 mm FPC Easy-Off Connectors

Molex’s 0.20 mm pitch FPC connector offers optimal space savings in height, width, and length for tight-packaging applications. The 0.20 mm FPC connectors include a spring terminal design that provides more secure contact retention force. This is achieved by bottom terminals that move with the cable in case it is pulled up or down to assure that electrical contact is maintained between the cable pads and terminals. A dual-contact design can accept cable in the top or bottom position. This provides design flexibility to mate with the same connector or a different top-or bottom-mount type.

Features and Benefits
  • -25°C to +85°C operating temperature range; meets automotive requirements
  • Movable terminals; ensure more secure contact retention
  • Positive inertia lock; ensures complete cable insertion for secure mating
  • ZIF option:
    • Allow for repeat cycling with minimum wear
    • ZIF contacts allow for the easy insertion of very thin cable
  • Actuator reinforcements for large circuit sizes
  • Grounding terminals; accommodate high-speed, high-frequency signal requirements such as LVDS
  • Back flip actuator provide cable alignment and retention
  • Robust solder tabs (nails); secure PCB retention and strain relief for solder tail joints
  • Easy-on actuator (one-piece design); simple cable insertion and secure cable retention