AL5822 Ripple-Current Suppressor

By Diodes Incorporated 115

AL5822 Ripple-Current Suppressor

Diodes' AL5822 is an adaptive linear-current controller targeted to suppress low-frequency LED current ripple. When combined with single-stage, constant-current, high-power-factor LED drivers (AL1665), the device can provide a high-power-factor and low-ripple solution that meets commercial lighting’s high performance requirements. The AL5822 has a high-efficiency driving mechanism that suppresses the LED current ripple without any sign of flickering and strobing. The AL5822 has many built in protection features, such as overtemperature protection (OTP), overcurrent protection (OCP), and LED short-circuit protection (SCP). The AL5822 is available in the SOT26 package.


  • Eliminates low-frequency flickering and maintains high PF
    • Adjust the LED chain cathode voltage for voltage variation and maintain system power factor from pre-stage
  • Adopts different LED string voltage and current
    • Tunable LED current ripple ratio can be adjusted by external resistors, compensation capacitors, and external MOSFETs
  • Ripple suppression for whole triac and PWM dimming range
    • Closed-loop current ripple cancellation control technology can cover a full dimming range
  • Built-in full-protection functions
    • OTP/OCP/SCP makes commercial lighting solutions more reliable and robust
  • Commercial LED lighting
  • Industrial LED lighting