EMC/RFI Shield Can Clips

By Harwin Inc 244

EMC/RFI Shield Can Clips

Harwin supplies a range of surface-mount shield can clips to provide a straight-forward, easy-to-use board-level shielding solution. The combination of SMT clips with a shield can provides a simple and cost-effective method of shielding vulnerable or EMI-radiating board components. Harwin's shield clips work with standard or custom can sizes from 0.13 mm to 1.00 mm thick.

With no secondary manual soldering operations, shield cans quickly and easily slot into the clips. This method avoids introducing hotspots from manual soldering, which could damage adjacent components. Rework or testing is now easy without a desoldering operation to access components under the can.

Features and Benefits

  • Solderless connection of can to PCB: no secondary soldering operation, no potential hotspots – cans are quickly hand-placed without soldering
  • SMT shield clips on tape and reel: enables fast and low-cost automatic assembly at the same time as the rest of the PCB
  • Fast removal of cans from PCB: no desoldering operation required for rework or testing
  • Eliminates the need for through hole cans which interrupt the grounding plane
  • Wide range off-the-shelf: stock availability visible online