KDS Click Cable Entry System

By Conta-Clip 182

KDS Click Cable Entry System

Conta-Clip’s KDS click system makes complex cable management simple with a flexible modular approach to cable entries. It is ideal for any application where cables need to be routed through an enclosure. Compared to traditional cable glands, Conta-Clip's KDS click is faster and easier to install and maintain due to the unique frame and seal assembly concept, allowing for better cable organization, faster assembly time, easier maintenance, and more application flexibility. When installed, the KDS click system maintains an IP66 rating and has a clean, professional appearance. The modular construction of the KDS click system also allows for simple expansion for additional cables and easy maintenance due to the nature of the push in frame and seal construction. The KDS flange plate, with plates that can be removed and replaced with inserts and seals, adds a level of flexibility for additional functionality.

  • IP66 seal for demanding applications
  • Interchangeable seals for almost any cable size
  • Multiple inlays allow for a variety of configurations
  • High tech materials can be used up to +120°C
  • Innovative design makes for a simple installation
  • Automation equipment
  • Food production equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Telecom equipment