KPJX/KPPX DC Power Connectors

By Kycon 170

KPJX/KPPX DC Power Connectors

Kycon's KPJX/KPPX DC power connectors are designed for signal and DC power applications on laptop computers, power supplies, and other portable digital equipment. These connectors are offered in right angle, cable mount, and panel mount versions with mounting ears for secure panel attachment. The snap-and-lock feature helps prevent accidental disconnects.

KPPX/KPJX connectors are three or four pin connectors designed to transmit power and/or other electrical signals as needed. With 7.5 A per pin rating on each power pin, the 4-pin version can carry a combined total of 30 A. They are available with or without a shield and offered in both PBT and high-temperature plastic.

  • Contact rating three-position: Pin 1 and 2, 48 VDC at 7.5 A maximum; Pin 3, 48 VDC 1.0 A maximum
  • Four-position: 48 VDC 7.5 A maximum for all pins
  • Insulation resistance: 50 MΩ minimum at 250 VDC
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 500 VAC for 1 minute
  • Contact resistance: 30 mΩ maximum
  • Durability: 1000 cycles
  • Laptop computers
  • Power supplies
  • Portable digital equipment