Multi-Band Cellular/Wi-Fi Flexible Antennas with B

By Molex Inc 46

Multi-Band Cellular/Wi-Fi Flexible Antennas with B

Molex standard antennas are designed for M2M communication over the ISM (industrial, scientific, and medical) bands and cellular bands [including GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS (3G) band-1 and LTE band-7] as well as applications running Wi-Fi and mobile TV (DVB-H and CMMB).

The antennas offer easy peel-and-stick mounting anywhere within the device casing, which extends connectivity for maximum design flexibility. They reduce engineering resources and costs needed to mitigate PCB ground-induced radiation and support high-performance RF application needs.

  • Plated pads
  • Flexi material
  • Double-sided adhesive tape with a liner
  • Selection of antenna sizes
  • Varying cable lengths 
  • MIMO routers
  • VPN routers
  • Wireless LAN systems
  • Wireless embedded systems
  • Wireless radio communication equipment
  • MIMO satellite communications (SatCom) systems