Passive RFID Products - Asset Tracking Solutions

By Molex Inc 117

Passive RFID Products - Asset Tracking Solutions

In industrial and commercial settings, tracking inventory is extremely valuable. Inventory can be exposed to a variety of uncontrolled environments, including hot, cold, and wet environments, during transport and storage. Specific Molex RFID solutions are made to withstand high heat and freezing temperatures, repeated vibration and impact, and boast an IP68 rating.

In material transport, a low-profile footprint is important. A low-profile footprint means more space, less damage, and, ultimately, lower costs. Molex’s selection of low-profile RFID tags allows customers to optimize space by selecting the best form factor for their unique application. Products and parts that manufacturers are interested in tracking can be made of a variety of materials. Molex RFID solutions have offerings that can attach to metal, plastic, glass, and other surfaces.

Molex passive RFID products provide ruggedized and reliable tags that withstand the harsh conditions of industrial, construction, and manufacturing applications and offer a variety of standard sizes, read ranges and use cases, along with custom options.

Molex RFID solutions meet and exceed customers’ RFID needs by offering robust and reliable tags in a broad variety of sizes and read ranges for indoors and outdoors, high temperatures, vibration, and wet environment applications.

  • Service/Rental
    • Returnable transport items
    • Equipment rental
  • Automotive
    • Lot access/control
    • Lot management
    • Retail inventory
    • Sales inventory
  • Industrial
    • Fleet management
    • Geographical fencing enhancement
    • Vehicle registration
  • Manufacturing
    • Tool cribs/tool tracking
    • Container/pallet tracking
    • Work-in-process and finished-good tracking
  • Construction
    • Yard management
    • Fleet management
  • Agriculture
    • Yard management
    • Fleet management