CoolRunner™-II Complex Programmable Logic Devices

By Xilinx Inc 440

CoolRunner™-II Complex Programmable Logic Devices

Xilinx's CoolRunner-II 1.8 V CPLD family leads the industry with its high performing, low power capabilities. Enhanced with revolutionary features such as DataGATE and the industry's smallest form factor packaging, CoolRunner-II CPLDs deliver the ultimate system solution for today's design challenges.


  • Meet the system's power budget with the industry's lowest power 1.8 V CPLD
    • Ultra-low power of 28.8 µW and just 16 µA typical standby current
    • Unbeatable low power standards with Fast Zero Power (FZP) technology
  • Reduced system cost using advanced features
    • Two to four I/O banks for voltage integration, advanced I/O, and clock management
    • On-the-fly reconfiguration
  • Small, low-cost packages
    • Low-cost QF32 and QF48 small form-factor package solutions
  • Consumer
  • Wireless communications
  • Industrial
  • Medical

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