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Schaffner EMC Inc
  • FN9280/90 Filtered Power Entry Modules

    Schaffner FN9280/90 product line brings you the rapid availability of a standard filter.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 612

  • FN2210 / FN2211 Series EMC/EMI Filters

    Schaffner's FN2211 / FN2210 series are used to positively influence the conducted emissions on the panel side of the system and are an optimum fit with most modern PV inverter generation.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 166

  • FN3310 / FN3311 Series EMC/EMI Filters

    Schaffner's FN3310 / FN3311 series are used to positively influence the conducted emissions on the grid side to help to comply with the required emission standards.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 182

  • FN2000 Series AC/DC Chassis Filters

    Shaffner’s FN2000 chassis filters offer standard to very high RFI filtering from 10 kHz to 30 MHz.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 174

  • FN3258 Series 3-Phase Filters

    Schaffner's FN3258 series ultra-compact EMC/EMI filters are ideal for 3-phase systems and motor drives applications.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 220

  • FN3287/FN3288 Series Book-Style EMC Filters

    Schaffner’s FN3287 and FN3288 series of filters provide state-of-the-art EMI attenuation based on an innovative filter topology.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 205

  • RB Series EMC/EMI Chokes

    Schaffner's RB series of common-mode chokes are used to suppress EMI noise in PCB integrated filter designs with power lines up to 600 VAC or 1000 VDC.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 294

  • RN Series Chokes

    Schaffner’s RN Series of chokes are comprised of two winding inductors over a ferrite ring core to offering common mode current-compensated inductance.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 254

  • RT Series Current-Compensated Chokes

    Schaffner EMC's RT series current-compensated chokes have a wide range of 24 different combinations of layout, mounting position, and current-inductance ratings.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 243

  • IL13 Series IEC Lock Power Cords

    IEC Lock power cords from Schaffner lock into any IEC C14 connector or power entry module without the required exchange or modification of the power inlet.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 200

  • IEC Lock Power Cord Expansion

    Schaffner enhances its family of IEC Lock power cords for existing IL13 power cords family and introduces the IL19 power cords family for currents up to 16 A.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 195

  • FN9260 Series Power Entry Modules

    Schaffner's FN9260 power entry module combines an IEC inlet, mains filter with excellent filter attenuation and fuses in a small form factor.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 190

  • FN9264 Series IEC Inlet Filters

    Schaffner’s FN9264 series power entry modules combine IEC inlet, RFI filtering with good attenuation with a double pole switch in a compact metal housing.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 158

  • IF 13 Series Power Cords

    Schaffner's IF 13 series power cords incorporate an EMC filter in an external cable to help pass compliance testing at the end of the design phase.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 284

  • FN9255 Series RFI Filters with IEC Inlet C14 or C2

    Schaffner's FN9255 series of RFI filters is developed for higher frequencies up to 300 MHz.

    By Schaffner EMC Inc 206