Magnasphere Corp


Magnasphere Corp
  • MSS Series Security Sensors

    Magnasphere's MSS concealed style security sensors installs in fail safe mode and is available in 3/4", 1", and 2.5" sizes.

    By Magnasphere Corp 213

  • Unidirectional Tilt Switch

    Magnasphere's T1-AB-JS industrial grade non-mercury sealed unidirectional tilt switch is RoHS compliant and requires no standby power consumption.

    By Magnasphere Corp 87

  • Omnidirectional Tilt Disturbance Switch

    Magnasphere's omnidirectional tilt switch is RoHS compliant, chemically inert, and sealed from atmosphere and water.

    By Magnasphere Corp 78

  • L-Series Magnetic Switches

    The L-series from Magnasphere offers remarkable ferrous-metal proximity sensing. Unlike typical reed switch devices, they need no magnet actuator.

    By Magnasphere Corp 98