• 67 Series Waterproof Speakers

    DB Unlimited's 67 series waterproof speakers deliver outstanding performance and provide IP67 protection to users' products.

    By DB Unlimited 136

  • Power Micro Series Speakers

    DB Unlimited's Power Micro series speakers deliver higher output with less distortion in a micro-sized package.

    By DB Unlimited 114

  • Precise Series MEMS Microphones

    DB Unlimited's Precise series microphones in both analog and digital PDM outputs give users the option to mount the microphone on either the top or bottom PCB.

    By DB Unlimited 140

  • Dynamis Series High Fidelity Speakers

    DB Unlimited's Dynamis series speakers deliver high fidelity with a broad frequency response in a small to medium package size.

    By DB Unlimited 502

  • Agile Series Enclosed Speakers

    DB Unlimited's Agile series enclosed speakers deliver plug-and-play full-range audio solutions, tuned for optimal performance in an array of shapes and sizes.

    By DB Unlimited 123