• Time Machine II Programmer

    SiTime introduces their Time Machine II programmer that enables faster development and higher system performance and delivers instant customized oscillators.

    By SiTime 88

  • Elite Platform™ SiT5356 Series Precision MHz Super

    SiTime's SiT5356 is a ±100 ppb precision MEMS Super-TCXO, temperature controlled oscillator is engineered for the best dynamic performance.

    By SiTime 70

  • SiT5155 Precision MHz Super-TCXOs

    SiTime's SiT5155 Super-TCXO is engineered for high-accuracy GNSS systems in precision farming, survey, construction, and other industrial equipment.

    By SiTime 102

  • SiT2001B SOT-23 Oscillators

    SiTime's SiT2001B one-output clock generators feature the widest frequency range, the lowest power consumption, the best stability, and the shortest lead time.

    By SiTime 95

  • µPower MEMS Oscillators

    SiTime's µPower MEMS ultra-small, low-frequency oscillators provide new architectural options that dramatically lower system power and size to save space and lower component count.

    By SiTime 95

  • AEC-Q100 MEMS Oscillators

    SiTime's AEC-Q100 MEMS oscillators deliver the highest performance, reliability, and robustness is engineered for ASIL applications as a replacement for legacy quartz oscillators.

    By SiTime 94

  • SiT1534 Programmable Oscillator

    SiTime's SiT1534 is the first programmable oscillator capable of a frequency range between 32.768 kHz down to 1 Hz for true pulse-per-second (PPS) operation.

    By SiTime 74

  • SiT1630 Series Ultra-Small 32 kHz Oscillators

    These SiT1630 series MEMS resonators are built with SiTime’s unique MEMS First™ process. A key manufacturing step is EpiSeal™ during which the MEMS resonator is annealed with temperatures over 100

    By SiTime 153

  • SiT1552 Series Ultra-Small Precision 32 kHz TCXOs

    SiTime's SiT1552 is factory calibrated over multiple temperature points to guarantee extremely tight frequency stability from ±10 ppm to ±20 ppm (initial + over temperature).

    By SiTime 73

  • SiT8008B Low-Power MEMs Oscillators

    SIT8008B series products include a programmable drive strength feature that optimizes the rise/fall time for specific applications. Benefits from the programmable drive strength feature include im

    By SiTime 66

  • SiT1533 Series Ultra-Low Power 32 kHz Crystal Repl

    SiTime’s SiT1533 1.2 V to 3.63 V operating supply voltage range is ideal for mobile and wearable electronics such as handsets, tablets, activity trackers, smart watches, GPS modules, applications

    By SiTime 79

  • SiT1566 Super-TCXOs

    SiTime presents the SiT1566 super-TCXOs are ultra-small, micropower 32.768 kHz TCXOs optimized for battery-powered applications for wearable, IoT, mobile and consumer applications.

    By SiTime 111

  • SiT1532 Ultra-Small 32 kHz Oscillators

    SiTime's SiT1532 ultra-small 32 kHz oscillator ultra-low power XO, 85% smaller compared to crystal XTAL solutions.

    By SiTime 78

  • Automotive Grade Oscillators

    SiTime's SiT2024B and SiT2025B oscillators provide automotive industry standard packaging available for the automotive industry at extended temperature ranges.

    By SiTime 90

  • SiT8009B High-Frequency, Low-Power Oscillators

    SiTime's SiT8009B is the industry's lowest power high frequency oscillator with LVCMOS/LVTTL compatible output.

    By SiTime 82

  • SiT1602B Low-Power MEMs Oscillators

    The SiTime SiT1602B series of MEMs oscillators are a low-power, fixed frequency oscillators.

    By SiTime 91

  • SiT1568 Super-TCXO with Auto-Calibration

    SiTime presents unique MEM’s TCXOs with full in-circuit post-assembly auto calibration for wearable, IoT, mobile and consumer applications.

    By SiTime 84

  • SiT9122 Ultra-Performance, High Frequency Differen

    SiTime's SiT9122 is a highly flexible, high frequency, programmable Differential Oscillator that supports LVPECL and LVDS output signaling types.

    By SiTime 81

  • SiT9120 Fixed Frequency Differential Oscillator

    SiTime's SiT9120 is a fixed frequency, ultra-performance, differential oscillator that supports LVPECL and LVDS output signaling types.

    By SiTime 82

  • SiT9121 Ultra-Performance Differential Oscillator

    SiTime's SiT9121 is a highly flexible, ultra-performance, programmable Differential Oscillator that supports LVPECL and LVDS output signaling types.

    By SiTime 100